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Formica Pippin

This guitar was an experiment. I received some literature from a company marketing photo-realistic surfaces on formica. The curly maple and mahogany were too compelling not to try.

The neck is from a bundle of N.O.S. Teisco necks. I made the pickup, the pickup ring, and the tailpiece.

The illusion was achieved and my curiosity satisfied. You can also chop vegetables on it, and it wipes down easily


Neck: Maple
Scale length: 25"
Fretboard: Rosewood
Body: Formica over masonite and pine, single-ply white binding
Pickups: Single-coil pickup
Controls: Single volume control
Bridge: Floating rosewood bridge
Tailpiece: Custom aluminum tailpiece

Specimen Formica Pippin GuitarSpecimen Formica Pippin Guitar