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Aluminum Maccaferri

This fully-acoustic aluminum Specimen guitar has quite a usable volume unamplified.

When plugged in with a regular mono cable, its mini-humbucker provides a feedback resistant electric signal. When used with a stereo 1/4-inch cable plugged into a Fishman Power Blend pedal, its transducer in the bridge surreptitiously accompanies the humbucker via a third wire. This enables either a stereo or combined output with a broad and complex tone pallet.

This guitar represents a nod from Specimen to another point in history - musician Django Reinhardt, instrument maker Mario Maccaferri. Inspired by the Selmer Maccaferri guitars Django made famous, the silhouette of Specimen's Maccaferri recalls those great guitars, but is scaled down to Tele size.

I have always been critical of transducer units, but I believe that the technology has finally matured. And, coupled with the sustain of aluminum, the sound of this instrument is truly stunning. It's like listening to a guitar through a microscope. A tiny drop of water teaming with life.


Neck: Bird's eye maple neck with aluminum facing on the headstock
Scale: 25-1/2"
Headstock: Etched aluminum veneer
Fretboard: Ebony
Tuners: Banjo tuners
Body: Fully-acoustic aluminum body
Pickups: Mini-humbucker in neck position, Fishman piezo transducer in bridge
Controls: Volume and tone for humbucker, stereo output jack to interface with Fishman blend pedal to utilize piezo bridge transducer
Bridge: Ebony mustache bridge
Tailpiece: Custom made aluminum with ebony insert

Specimen Aluminum Maccaferri GuitarSpecimen Aluminum Maccaferri Guitar

Specimen Aluminum Maccaferri Guitar

Specimen Aluminum Maccaferri GuitarSpecimen Aluminum Maccaferri GuitarSpecimen Aluminum Maccaferri Guitar