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Aluminum Flying A

A sheet of diamond-plate aluminum found at a scrap yard where I sometimes search for materials made the notion of the ultimate heavy-metal guitar seem unavoidable.

This aluminum guitar, based on the design of Gibson's Flying V.

The polepiece screws of the neck pickup extend into the actual neck heel to produce some lively harmonics up the scale.

"Aside from the slightly alien appearance - and I mean that with great affection - its greatest asset is its treatment of sound. For me, a guitar player who relies little on chords and more on the ability to pull out strange noises and caustic repetitions that resemble riffs, it really is an incredible instrument. I have yet to find the limit to its ability to manipulate strums and taps into something unique." - Arista Strungys, Loraxx

The Flying A was featured in Guitar School magazine.


Neck: Bolt-on black maple neck
Scale length: 25"
Fretboard: Rosewood
Truss Rod: Non-adjustable steel bar
Headstock: Ebony headstock veneer with mother-of-pearl target inlay
Body: Bolt-together hollow aluminum body with diamond-tread top and socket-cap bolts
Pickups: Two humbucking pickups
Controls: One tone and two volume controls, three-way toggle-style selector switch
Bridge: Schaller roller bridge and stud tailpiece with fine tuners

Specimen Aluminum Flying A Guitar

Specimen Custom Aluminum Flying A GuitarSpecimen Custom Aluminum Flying A Guitar

Specimen Aluminum Flying A Guitar