Rendition 26 Tube Amp

Inspired by the original of all time, an amp few have actually seen—Leo Fender's Model 26.

The Specimen Rendition 26 features a Jensen Alnico 8" speaker. It struggles along perfectly, recreating the tones of the old favorite that launched an empire. The Rendition 26 is simple—a cabinet made of solid walnut, a chassis wired point-to- point. A design as straightforward and sincere as its influence.


Circuit: Push-Pull Class AB
Tubes: 6V6, 12AX7, Solid-state rectifier
Controls: Volume and tone
Power: 8 watts, Class A
Speaker: 8" Vintage Jensen Alnico speaker
Other Features:
- Point-to-point wiring
- Brass chassis
- Black walnut cabinet

Specimen Rendition 26 Instrument Tube Amp