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Hornlings: 26-inch Audio Horn Speakers

The Hornlings and the smaller Hornlets were first created for the Sonic Arboretum, a collaborative project between Specimen's Ian Schneller and composer/violinist Andrew Bird. The Sonic Arboretum installation had its debut at New York's Guggenheim Museum in 2010 and in 2011 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. The installation includes a collection of 76 different horn speakers and Specimen's Custom Hi-Fi Tube Amplifiers.

Design & Construction

These horns are entirely handmade at our shop in Chicago, IL. The bases are made of premium quality Baltic birch plywood. The horns are made from recycled newsprint, dryer lint, and shellac, making them by far the most eco-friendly Specimens to date. Dryer lint is one of earth's greatest squandered resources and we are now putting it to use. It has incredible strength from all the interlocking fibers.

Each horn is unique and embodies a variety of markings that result from the construction and finishing process. This raw and organic finish lends a unique patina to each horn.

Considering these for the Sonic Arboretum, it seemed logical to have the horns integrate well with nature. These materials accomplish this as they create their own foliage-like effect. They actually work exceedingly well in any botanical setting. They almost look as if they have grown in place.

Compatibility and Placement

The Hornlings can be paired with our Satellite/Subwoofer unit for a perfect system to use with any sound source (i.e. iPod, cd player, radio etc.). They can also be used with any of our hi-fi tube amplifiers for a beautiful symbiosis. Or they can be paired with virtually any other system and achieve excellent results. Perfect for home theater use.

These speakers are designed to work well on the ground or elevated as with a typical speaker. They have heavy-duty, long excursion cones that deliver outstanding bass for a 3" driver.

Color Finishes:

- Natural
- Dark Green
- Dark Red
- Dark Orange
- Dark Walnut

NOTE: Custom colors are available upon request.

These Hornlings are available either as pairs or in other quantities. A single pair makes a splendid stereo system. Two arrays of sixteen can be used to create a most exceptional stereo system. If an array of sixteen is ordered, a custom junction box is provided so that they can be powered from a single sound source.

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- 26 3/8" tall overall
- 13 3/4" horn diameter
- 6" cube base
- 8" minimum deep shelf

Driver: Fostex FE83En 3" full-range driver or Fountek 3" full-range for musical instrument application (specs listed here for Fostex driver)
Impedance: 8 ohms
Sensitivity: 1 W/1m 88 dB
Frequency Response: fs - 30kHz
Power handling: 7 watts

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Specimen Audio Horn Speakers at MCA Chicago

Hornling Hi-Fi Audio Horn Speakers in Dark GreenHornling Hi-Fi Audio Horn Speakers in Dark Walnut

Specimen Hornlings in Instagram HQ office by Geremia Design San-Francisco

Specimen Hornling Audio SpeakerSpecimen Hornling Audio SpeakersSpecimen Hornling Audio Speakers

Specimen Hornling Audio Speaker in Trenchermen Restaurant Chicago, ILSpecimen Hornling Audio Speaker in Trenchermen Restaurant Chicago, IL

Specimen Hornling Custom Horn SpeakersSpecimen Hornling Audio Horn Speaker