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This gorgeous instrument is an early one (1940s). It needed a neck reset and a re-fret. There was enough break angle over the bridge and the neck pitch was fine. The problem was that the stock pickup was too tall and non-adjustable. I tried to remove it to sneak a little material off the bottom, but this pickup is a juxtaposition of separate parts sandwiched together by the cover. Age has shrunken some parts together while others are still loose. This created a scenario that severely endangered the bobbin. Because I did not want to destroy this great sounding pickup, I slowly retraced my steps and reassembled the unit. The only solution was a neck reset.

The dovetail was very close fitting and there was hardly room for my steam needle in the joint. It came out well enough after a bit of persistence. I changed the neck angle by re-carving the cheeks and dovetail and re-glued the neck. A complete re-fret was then carried out. The instrument gained even more volume from the enhanced pitch and played beautifully

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February 19, 2013
9:53 am



I am the owner of this guitar and I have to say that it now plays and sounds like a dream. Since it is such an old instrument, I was a bit apprehensive to have it go “under the knife” for major surgery at first. But I am 100% glad that we went ahead with the repair. Ian did an amazing job of preserving the aesthetics and finish of the guitar, while completely bringing this guitar back to life. I highly recommend Specimen for any high-end guitar repair jobs. This was really, really, well done.


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