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6 string bass

This instrument serves as an intermediary between long scale bass players and guitar players. The neck is relatively massive, but it’s still comfortable enough to play with the shorter scale length. You have a high C and a low B, and it’s actually really stable with the magnificent Kahler 6 string bass vibrato. Custom machined hipshot mini tuners have been adapted to function on an enormous slotted headstock. The tonal circulation of this thing is massive, and it resembles the tonality of Specimens earlier aluminum basses. Somewhere in the realm of a Steinway piano being hit with a ball peen hammer.

There was a trend in the mid 90’s to wear a shirt, suit coat, slacks and tie all monochrome. It was the thing, and every sharp dude in town was going monochromatic.  The selection of wood species is along the same line of thinking with the Macassar Ebony over Mahogany motif flowing from tip to tail.


Neck: Mahogany with Macassar ebony fretboard

Scale length: 32"

Truss Rod: Non-adjustable steel bar

Frets: Jumbo

Body: Mahogany body with Macassar ebony plates

Pickups: 6 string EMG

Controls: Additive stacked volume/tone

Tuners: Custom machined Hipshot tuners

Bridge: Kahler 6 string bass vibrato

Headstock: Macassar ebony head plates

Please call 773.489.4830 or email to discuss details and make arrangements for your commission.

Bone nut ready for final finish and polish…