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SPECIMEN Hornling Hi-Fi Stereo speakers look right at home in the new corporate headquarters of Instagram which was designed by the Geremia Design interior design firm.  See more pictures of our horn speakers in homes around the world: Horn Speakers: Customer Photos.

Specimen exhibited for the first time at the SOFA Art Expo in Chicago. The SOFA (Sculptural Objects and Functional Art & Design) exhibit has been presented in Chicago for the past 19 years and provides an opportunity to galleries from across the globe to present artists whose media includes wood, glass, metal, plastic, and other materials. Ever since attending the show back when I was in art school, I have always thought of it as “the non-painting show.”

Chicago’s Packer Schopf gallery invited Specimen to participate. Aron Packer, the gallery’s owner/curator is known for representing artists who create idiosyncratic work, usually with exceptional craft or some obsessive quality. We’ve known Aron for years, and have always admired his singular vision. Specimen was honored to exhibit in Packer Schopf’s booth alongside artists such as Ellen Greene, Casey Gunschel, Brian Dettmer, Matthew Cox, and Jim Dingilian.

Apart from exhibiting our horn speakers and hi-fi stereo tube amps in the Packer Schopf booth, Specimen’s Aerosel Horn Sculptures could also be seen in the cafe suspended from the ceiling of the Exhibition Hall. The show’s presenters (The Art Fair Co.) created custom walls that curved behind each Aerosel. Under the spotlights, the Aerosels cast shadows on these curved walls creating mysterious, undulating forms. The effect was amazing!

We were also an integral part of another space at the show – the Audi Conversation Space. In this space our XL Horn Speakers were exhibited and used when various lecturers gave presentations throughout the show.

SOFA opened on the evening of Thursday, Nov. 1., to massive crowds who perused the booths, enjoyed cocktails, and exhibited their personal style. My favorite visitor was a tall, thin, elderly woman with cropped white hair dressed in full equestrian attire: black velvet riding hat; jodhpurs; and riding boots!

The exhibit was opened to the public Friday, Nov. 2 – Sunday, Nov. 4. Below is a slideshow of pictures from the show. Thanks go to Scott Shigley for his amazing photos of the Aerosels.

– Nadine Schneller


Our first ukulele building seminar was a great success! Students came from as far away as Hawaii to build their instrument during this three day inaugural run.

In preparation for the seminar, we built many custom jigs and fixtures to make the whole process go more smoothly and quickly. Each student received a kit that contained most of the needed parts and hardware.

Over the course of three days, students learned how to glue in braces, shape their neck, glue in the neck, locate and install the bridge, cut and create their soundhole rosette, and more.

The process to build one of these kits is very similar to building an acoustic guitar, just in a smaller and more manageable scale. Taking this seminar is a great way to embark upon acoustic guitar building.

Below is a photo gallery created during the first seminar. The next Ukulele Building Seminar will run February 8-10, 2013. Register here.