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This custom ukulele is being built for an electric ukulele player living in Key West, Florida. It is embellished like John D’Angelico’s New Yorker guitars made in the 1940s, complete with cursive pearl logo, stepped “Key Wester” engraved marker, and pearl position markers on the neck. The body will be black like a Les Paul Custom and feature a special new custom bridge and our superb magnetic ukulele pickup.

Here is a slideshow of images taken during the building of this little beauty. You can see the finished instrument here.

This octagonally fluted horn shape began as a drawing. The simple juxtaposition of two curves imbued with a rigid octagonal format automatically established this elegant shape. Nature utilizes simple geometry to create elaborate functional structures and so does the little horn. Perhaps this is why these shapes seem to have grown this way.

Once the basic three dimensional silhouette is established I can derive the flats by draping and embossing moistened paper over the skeletal structure. Once I have my set of templates, flats are cut out, steam bent like the sides of a guitar body and assembled using dryer lint, baking soda and cyanoacrylate glue. This prototype is surfaced to its final form and a mold is taken from it. Horns can then be layed up in whatever material desired. We have used both fiberglass and urethane with excellent results and continue to experiment. You can see pictures of the finished Little Horn Speakers here.